Welcome to the Scones & Tomes Society!

The S&TS is a bookish lifestyle blog that aims to create honest and relatable content about books, entertainment, planners, and all of the little things that just make life enjoyable.

About the Author

Mendoza Wedding 510Hi there, deerlings! My name is Anna and I am a twenty-something aspiring librarian who has a (slightly concerning) obsession with all things cozy and paper related. I’m hiding out in the mountains of Colorado with my husband (who I’ll constantly refer to as J or my love), our fluffy husky mix (Syl), and our neurotic tabby cat (Scruffers). I am lucky enough to say that I spend my day job surrounded by books and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

I am a survivor, a Catholic, sometimes liberal and sometimes conservative, a sufferer from chronic back pain, migraines, and anxiety, a total introvert, an advocate for literacy animal rights, and eating a loaf of bread just because you can. I love to bake, write, and binge-watch YouTube videos.  My superpower is being able to understand situations and topics from all sides of the argument and my kryptonite is being able to understand situations and topics from all sides of the argument. I love bagels, pizza, strawberries, and coffee.

Why “The Scones & Tomes Society”?

My aim for The Scones & Tomes Society is to create a community here in the bookish corner of the internet where we can talk books, seasonal living, and everything in between. This, of course, starts with this blog and hopefully, one day will expand to include a book club/buddy reading system on Goodreads, an active Instagram, and potentially a Twitter account dedicated to book recommendations. Obviously, I’m a bit ambitious!

The name is actually inspired by a cozy mystery I found at work called The Secret, Book, and Scone Society by Ellery Adams which I still haven’t read but I LOVE the title and it just inspired me to create this and I’m just a little obsessed with it. Also, scones are delicious and we all like big books and can’t deny it right?!

I hope you choose to join me on this amazing journey of books, seasonal things, and all of the things that make up our lives. Feel free to contact me, leave comments on posts or check out my Instagram @sconesandtomes!

Happy reading deerlings!