Shifting into (Extra)Ordinary Time

Happy Sunday deerlings!

I’d hoped to have this post up for you before now, but there were things out of my control.

It’s almost the end of January and my Christmas decor has just come down. I know you’re thinking “Anna, it’s so freaking late why did you leave it up so long?”

Well there’s two reasons.

  1. I was lazy and Christmas makes me happy
  2. Because Christmas is actually from December 25 – January 6ish (or later depending on your liturgical practice)

If you’ve been around the blog any length of time, you know that I try to mark my days following the liturgical calendar of the Church. The calendar is filled with feasting at Christmas and Easter and fasting/waiting during Advent and Lent with memorials and feast days in between.

Barbara Lyon’s 2019/2020 Liturgical Calendar

But now that Christmastide is over we’re starting to shift into part one of one of the hardest (for me) seasons. Split into two parts, Ordinary Time is the periods between Christmas and Lent, and then Easter and Advent that mark the life of Christ (Winter) and the days of the early church (Summer/Fall). Just like how we get kind of bogged down with school between breaks, it’s really easy to fall into routines and mindlessly go through the motions of faith.

This year though, everything has been so busy from the moment advent began and what is supposed to be “ordinary” time has turned into extraordinary. Very quickly after the (fun) hustle and bustle of Christmas, my husband and I went ham on searching for a house. We found a beautiful single family home that we’re really looking forward to making our own. Though now we have the excitement of the inspection, closing, and moving. Then we have to figure out how to make our current stuff that fits relatively well in a 2 bedroom apartment stretch to fit a 4 bedroom house.

We’re just in a busy season of life and that means it’s that more difficult and important to figure out how to slow down and stay in tune with our faith practices.

So here are 4 ways I am trying to slow down this season when everything else is hectic.

The Blessed is She Prayer Pledge

I didn’t know this, but apparently every year Blessed Is She does a prayer pledge in January to start the year off strong. This year has a particular devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which played a HUGE part in our house buying process. It runs through the month of January but I feel like it would be a great 31 day devotion/novena for any time of year. The daily devotions are also extremely helpful for keeping up with the daily mass readings.

A Rosary Companion Podcast

This is always a great resource because I easily get distracted saying the rosary without the prayers physically in front of me or I’m walking somewhere and it’s too cold to have the rosary out in my hands. It also works a great timer if I’m getting ready for work.

The Catholic All Year Compendium

I am FORCING myself to read this book season by season instead of just binging it all the way through. It is absolutely wonderful and breaks down serious liturgical living season by season. Kendra’s blog “Catholic All Year” is also fantastic and I believe she may have Youtube videos as well.

The God & Glam Youtube Channel

It’s no secret that I love Paper & Glam and everything Lisamarie is about. I’ve seesawed a bit on the bible study group for various reasons but I’ve enjoyed the book LM has been using as the reading plan the last few years. But this year she’s kicked it up a notch with these daily videos that walk you through the bible readings and really bring the book’s commentary to life. I haven’t really paid as much attention to it but I’ve recently taken to turning the videos on and just listening during my desk time at work or while on my commute to work.

I know this kind of turned into a total ramble fest but I hope you enjoyed and let me know how you’re trying to lean into this (extra)Ordinary Time down in the comments! Or if you’re not into the whole Liturgical year stuff, how are you keeping the winter blues away?


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