#BACKTOGYST | 10 Ways I’m Simplifying This Month

Happy Tuesday deerlings!

Where is the year going? It’s already August! Like who in the world allowed this?!

August has always been a prep month for me. When I was in high school this is when we had our orientation, did all of the back to school shopping, last minute visits to the grandparents, etc. When I was in college school always started the last week of August so I spent the month preparing to fly back to Arizona and ordering my textbooks and making lists of things I had to do as soon as I got to my dorm.

The last three years of adulthood have been kind of strange with work and trying to figure out where seasons in Denver stop and start (which by the way, there is no set time. It’s insanity.) So this year, when Kalyn Nicholson announced that she was doing a #BacktoGyst series on her Youtube channel and Alexis at Strange & Charmed announced a Productivity bootcamp, I knew. It was time to get life back in order before I absolutely lose my mind.  Pictured to the side is an OG Kalyn Nicholson GYST day template if you need a jumping off point and you can click on it to go to the original post on her Tumblr.

10 Ways I’m Simplifying this Month

  1. I am streamlining the way I physically plan. | Gone are the days of all of the stickers and multicolored pens and highlighters and sticky notes. I stick to one sticker set of small icons from Paper & Glam, a black pen, and I have a couple highlighters that correspond to the colors of the liturgical year. That’s it. No more trying to color code every aspect of my life and put everything into little boxes. It just became confusing and stressful. Especially if I decided to change the color-code or symbol system.
  2. I am partially going digital| I have a lot to keep track of and my planner is technically only created to hold a certain amount of months at a time. Which is fine because I tend to think and plan in quarterly cycles anyway. I’m still working out the kinks in the Google Calendar but I have a master digital calendar that I sync all of my subcalendars to, and then I have a family calendar that I share with J so we can keep up with each other. This way I can forward plan and change stuff around more easily than on paper and then transfer it over each quarter/month as needed.
  3. I’m saying no to extra events in September | Ya’ll the last 3 years have been insane. Between job changes, promotions, weddings, surgeries, traveling, car hunting, we haven’t been able to catch our breath. So I’m refusing to add things to our calendar that don’t rejuvenate us or are simply unavoidable. But, in order to do that I gotta make sure we don’t fill up our calendar before that.
  4. I’m de-cluttering my laptop | My computer is not doing that great tbh. It’s old, it’s chunky, it seriously needs a new battery, charger, and a major tune up. But it’s still hanging in there. So I’m going to be going through and cleaning out old files that I don’t need, removing old programs, and eventually getting around to my cloud storage like GDrives and emails.
  5. I’m re-vamping my blog | You may have noticed this already, but I’m in the process of updating my templates & graphics. It’s a slow process since I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m working on it. Hopefully by September we’ll have a beautiful flower of a site but until then we’re in the awkward teenage years.
  6. I’m deciding on my wardrobe | Note that I said deciding. I am not fashionable in anyway shape or form. But as I get older I realize what kind of clothes I really like, what’s practical for my life, and what I think looks good(?) on me. But my current wardrobe is in desperate need of help so I’m deciding on things I want to buy and what I can make last for a little while longer.
  7.  Meal Planning | Ya’ll I’m about to drop some information that some moms and wives will hate me for. I HATE cooking. I’m not that great at it, I don’t enjoy doing it, I hate the clean up and the mess. Do I prefer spending money to go out to eat better? Not really. I’m lucky that I have a husband who is both good at and enjoys cooking. But we both fall into that trap of thawing things and then realizing that we don’t actually have the time for it. Or thinking about it and saying nahh. And then it all goes bad lol. So in August, my goal is to actually check what food we have in the fridge/freezer and what our schedules look like in order to create a rough meal plan for the month. So that way we both know what is available to cook and hopefully calm down on the amount of food that gets wasted.
  8. I’m stockpiling posts | August will be the last month of my sporadic posting schedule. I’m determined to keep to posting at least twice a week for the rest of the year. I have a number of half completed posts and a decent number of reviews to catch up on.
  9. I’m clearing out my Youtube & Podcast Subscriptions | I love a good podcast and I freaking love watching Youtube and just picking a video to put on for background noise. But I realized that I haven’t really been resonating with a number of the ones I listen to anymore. Part of it is because most of the people I follow on Youtube are work-from-home types. While that would be great…I am not a work-from-home type. Nor do I want to be. I love getting up and going somewhere else to do my job. It helps keep those parts of my life separated and serves as a mental shift for me
  10. I am easing up on my TBR | Or at least trying to. Because of work, I have been focused on trying to read as many brand new YA releases as I can this year. But as the year is starting to wind down and deadlines are coming up I really need to narrow down what new releases I need to focus on and get my annotations written up for the ones I’ve already nominated for our list. But I also have shiny book syndrome and just want to read everything.

Will I finish all of these things this month? Probably not. But I’m at least going to start all of them.

How are you attempting to simplify this month? Let me know down in the comments!

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