Broken But Fixable

We’ve got a lot of work to do. There are a lot of things that are broken and need to be taken care of. But the good news, is that it is all fixable. But it is up to you when we get started.

These words were spoken to be back in August when I went to visit my new dentist for the first time.  Due to genetics and some really crappy dental care in my childhood and teenage years, my teeth are a wreck. But slowly but surely, we are getting it done. I believe there are two more appointments I need to do for Phase 1 which was all about getting my mouth healthy again before we can get to work on the aesthetics and strengthening .

But those words have so much more weight to them than I think even my dentist realized.  Those words can be applied to all areas of life, no matter what it is.

Feel stuck in a shitty job that is going nowhere? That is fixable. Work on the skills you need to apply for a get a better job while still putting in as close to 100% as you can at your current job because it is always good to have someone who can give you a great referral. Even at a crappy job.

Organization of you house stressing you out? Definitely fixable. Pick a space to start on one at a time and hit up the dollar store and thrift stores to transform it on a budget. Or repurpose your moving boxes and bins that you already have until you can find pieces you love.

Not happy with your body because of nutrition and exercise routines? Fixable. Check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for exercise and then start somewhere. Try walking to the convenience store instead of driving. Start building yourself up to drinking half your body weight in water. (I like to get water bottles & tumblers that are exactly 16 or 24 oz. in order to easier keep track. So my formula is weight / 2 / number of ozs in the bottle/cup/tumbler = how many glasses of water)

There are even heavier topics that this can apply to as well and I’d be happy to chat privately with you about them since EVERY hard situation is an individual experience.

Basically, I’m just trying to say. No matter how hard or terrible things are, it is fixable. It will take some time, and probably some money, and a whole hell of a lot effort. But it IS FIXABLE! Whether its fixable in just changing some things or by learning to cope and move forward. IT IS FIXABLE AND YOU CAN DO IT. Just find something small. Right now. And start. I believe in you.

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