5 Reasons to Read The Gilded Wolves

Happy Tuesday deerlings!

I have some news. You can probably guess what it is.

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Okay, I didn’t JUST finish it. I actually read this book back in February and I’ve been struggling to make the words make sense out loud of how wonderful this book is.

So, say hello to The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. It’s wonderful, it’s exciting. I loved it. Go read it.

Just kidding, read this first.

39863498Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Read The Gilded Wolves

  1. Snarky band of misfits

The best part about The Gilded Wolves was the way Roshani Chokshi worked with the found family trope. There was so much loose bickering, snarky comments, playful insults, and each one of the main characters gave so much thought into each other that I almost forgot that they’re not all related or romantically involved.

2. Historical Fantasy set in Paris

The Gilded Wolves is a historical fantasy novel set in Paris. That’s right. Paris. The events take place in the months/weeks leading up to the Worlds’ Fair of 1889 and there are a lot of historical events that are mentioned, even if they don’t take center stage. Another thing is that there are also a number of historical artifacts, such as Horus eyes that play central roles in the story.

3.  PoC, Disability, and LGBTQ+ Rep

Alright fam. You know how we’ve been begging for more representation in books? This novel has so much representation in it, I can’t contain my excitement. From what I understand, based on my own experiences (which, admittedly, are limited), the rep in TGW was really well done and there were numerous occasions within the book that talked about imperialism, racism, and sexism at the time. I  also really appreciated the religion representation from Zofia’s point of view, even if it wasn’t a central part of the story.

4. Descriptive but not Boring

This is my first Roshani Chokshi book and I am seriously wondering how I’ve been sleeping on her this whole time. Her writing style is both beautiful and poignant. There were a number of scenes where Zofia or Enrique were explaining the historical significance or the way a mechanism worked, scenes that could have very easily bored me to tears. Yet, they didn’t. I was intrigued and entranced by the way things were described and explained in this novel. My only complaint is that I would have appreciated a bit more world building and explanation as to the whole Forging thing. Like it’s cool and all and the Forged items that we see in The Gilded Wolves are all really important. But where did it come from? How do the Forgers come into play?

5. The Heists

That’s right. Heists. Plural. There are so many different missions in The Gilded Wolves. It’s quite entertaining. I mean in one of the first scenes we see one of our snarky mcsnarkers getting their arm caught in a bear’s mouth. Like come on? There’s also one that takes place in a library which is just my entire heart right there.

6. It’s beautiful

Here, have a bonus point. THIS BOOK IS STUNNING! The dark green with gold foil accents on the dustjacket. The deep plum color of the physical hardback The deckled edges! This is just a gorgeous book that would just look amazing on your shelves either at work or at home. I know that this book is definitely getting put on my to buy list ASAP.


I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 Tuesday and that this list helps tempt you into reading this beauty. This book is already one of my favorites for this first quarter of the year and I just want everyone to read it.

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read The Gilded Wolves

  1. I am almost 30% in this book, honestly, I am still getting acquainted with the world and trying to understand the magic system so I can’t say I am fully invested but I do agree with your point about positive representation, I think it’s wonderfully done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I relate to this struggle! The world building and magic system could have been a little better described in my opinion and honestly it was my lowest rated category when I was working on my review. I hope we get more in the following books!


  2. You tricked us!!! You said 5 and there were 6 and I love you for it. I only read the title of each because I didnt want to be spoiled too much. Sadly I was supposed to blog tour this book before mom got super sick but I’m gonna read it soon. I’m so happy everyone who has read it has had such amazing things to say about it. I cant wait to get to it!!!


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