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3466Happy Friday deerlings!

I hope you are doing well and that you’ve been reading something awesome this week. Last night was the live stream meeting of the Paper & Glam Book Club for the month of February.  Even if I don’t enjoy or finish the book, I still really enjoy attending the meetings since it’s a fun way to talk to people and get recommendations.

This month we read Nicholas Sparks’ The Wedding which is supposed to be the sequel/companion to The Notebook. I wrote more of my thoughts about this novel in my February wrap up and in my Goodreads review so feel free to check them out if you want a quick overview of my thoughts. Below you’ll find the discussion questions we used in the meeting and my answers to them.

Ice Breaker | Do you have a 2019 Reading Goal? If so, how is it going?

I went through my 2019 reading goals in a blog post a while back. But for a recap I have a Goodreads goal of 75 books and I have finished 15 of those so far. I may have to adjust my goal if I reach 75 too early. I’m on a committee at work so I am reading YA new releases like crazy lately so I might surpass it, which would be really awesome!

1. What was your experience reading The Wedding? How many swans would you rate it? If you read The Notebook, how did the sequel compare?

Ha, swans. ^-^ I really didn’t enjoy this book and gave it 2 “swans”. I loved the plot premise and the writing style of the last few chapters. But for the first 90 percent of the book I felt very bored and annoyed at the “telling” of events rather than getting to experience them through Wilson.

Image result for thumbs down gif

2. Do you have a favorite quote, scene, or character?

I really, really loved the big reveal at the end. There was a writing style shift in the last few chapters which really captured the scenes and emotions well. So without getting too spoilery, I just really loved the entire last quarter of the book. Noah is hands down my favorite character. Even though he’s sad and misses Allie, he still holds close to his family and continues to be ornery, stubborn, and full of life.

3. Have you ever orchestrated a surprise for someone and recruited multiple people to pull it off?

I have but definitely not to this extent. Usually, it’s just surprising my husband with visits from his family.  He, however, did this whole elaborate surprise proposal on my graduation day which was freaking amazing!

Image result for the notebook gif

4. Have you ever associated an object or an animal with someone or something you lost?

I always say that my home is where my books and my pets are. That way, if the people I love and consider home pass away or leave, I still have something to keep my feet on the ground.

5. What are your favorite love stories? And/or would you consider yourself a romantic? Why or why not?

Darcy & Elizabeth, Hosea and Gomer, Emma Approved versions of Emma & Knightley. But my OTPs are definitely Aelin & Rowan, Feyre & Rhysand, Naruto & Hinata, Tohru & Kyo, and my husband and myself. I am a total romantic. A slow romantic, but a romantic all the same.  I really like for things to be well thought out and planned like Wilson did throughout the story.

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