January Rewind

Good morning deerlings~ I hope you’re doing well!

Welcome to the 2019 edition of my SAVOR series! We all live very busy lives and it can be such a hassle trying to keep up with everything that is coming up that we forget about what is happening in the day to day of our lives. I really love Paper & Glam for all of my planning and seasonal living inspiration and I absolutely love Lisamarie’s Memory Keeping prompt layouts. I don’t currently have a page in my planner that works with the exact sticker set but I thought it would be a great post series on the blog every month! Here is her most recent memory keeping video if you want to see it in action! Let me know in the comments what your favorite January memories were! I’m hoping to be able to start taking photos soon to go with these posts so they’re not so text heavy next time!

Celebrating | Drinking | Eating

January is normally more of a planning/recovery month rather than a celebrating month but I was definitely celebrating my husband’s wisdom teeth surgery going well. It was a little scary but everything is going well and he is almost back to eating normal food again! We also resigned our lease for our little apartment which was also a happy event. In January I was obsessed with the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks and I was eating way too many grilled cheese sandwiches.

Going | Learning | Listening

Not gonna lie, I didn’t go anywhere special this month. It’s been too cold and wet to go anywhere besides work. I have, however, been learning how I like to rest. I’ve been slowly learning that it is okay to take my lunch and go to the coffee shop and just chill with a book. Or to go for a walk. It’s okay for me to be okay and it’s okay for me to not be okay sometimes. I’m just still trying to figure out how to make the balance work. After reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis I started checking out her RISE podcast and though I’ve only listened to a few episodes I’m really enjoying it!

Loving | Pinning | Planning

This month I have been obsessed with these little a5 size journals. I currently have three that I’m using (all of which I got for free). They’re just random ones that you can get from Wal-mart or Target and I have one for my reading journal, one for work, and one for a faith journal that I just started this past Saturday. For pinning, I don’t really use Pinterest but I have been saving a ton of bookish bullet journal pictures on Instagram! I am currently planning out February in my planner and preparing to go meet Leigh Bardugo on the 3rd!

Praying | Reading | Savoring

My prayers lately have been for peace and guidance about whether to officially leave my part-time restaurant job. My husband says that we’re okay without the extra cash, especially since it isn’t much but every time I’ve tried to quit in the past life has popped up and bit me in the ass financially which made it impossible. As you may have seen in Tuesday’s post, I’ve been reading a lot of things! I finished a total of 7 books this month, my favorite being The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden. For savoring…I would have to say having two days off in a row these last two weeks. I took two weeks off my restaurant job and have really been enjoying having a “weekend” for the first time in years.

Singing | Watching | Wearing

I have been obsessed with the song Wrote My Way Out from the Hamilton mixtape lately and I’m pretty sure that it is my theme song for 2019 since I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for the last month. John and I are ALMOST done with our FRIENDS & Teen Titans rewatch. Not going to lie, I’m a little excited to be done so we can watch something else. After all, Outlander is almost done with season 4 and I need to watch that very very soon. It is FREEZING here in Denver so I have been wearing my Stranger Things hoodie & these amazing boots from Target pretty much non-stop.

Words to Live By

words to live by.png

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